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I don't think I felt this way last year (not that I could remember ANYTHING for more than a week)  Remembering John Lennon this year has motivated me to try to remember friends and lovers and how I was musically related to them.  My first wife is the one who Beatleized me.  She would write the lyrics down as if she were writing a letter.  She wrote me the lyrics, and a short note on a portion of a brown paper bag. " I want to tell you, I feel hung up but I don't know why......."   I saved that and other keepsakes in my sisters  RCA stereo. A tiny brown block with two flowers coming out with a plac on the bottom say, "May gentle Times Come Your Way"  Dec 8th, 1980 is also an anniversary of one of my back surgeries  While I was waiting to go into surgery, I was playing all the Beatles songs I had recorded on cassette tapes..   When I woke up after the operation, almost all the nurses on the floor informed me of John Lennons death. The first thing they thought of, was me!  John wasn't just another artist, he was the person who's general musical attitude silhouetted   my own. He voiced my thoughts  He sung my deepest secrets. Mine and a million other people. I was claustrophobic in my solitude.  Floating freely in a, frigid  universe.   "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"  I was in an anesthetic death when he died and our paths didn't even come close to crossing in front of the statue of Liberty! 

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